A dazzling beauty


       ( the glow was almost
          like a slow flame warming
           her small body. 
              it was nice.
           as soon as jan pulled away,
              a grin started to form )

        Ali, can the strippers
         wear speedos? 

  Perhaps even less.

          { Alison replied
   looking as sly as fox
her smile reminiscent of a 
                         smirk }

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( janet tries to
   keep her squeal in, 
   but it’s inevitable. and she 
   quickly glomps the 
    taller woman in a tight hug )

                      I’m so glad
                        you said yes! 

{ She couldn’t help but glow
        a soft white light
       flowing around the two of them
       with the occasional burst of rainbow
       sparkles. }

   How could I not?
    Jan, you’re my best friend,
       how could I not be there for you?

I mean,
       someone needs to be in charge of the strippers at your bachelorette. 

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  1. Lorna Dane/Polaris [Main]
  2. Alison Blaire/Dazzler 
  3. Anya Corazon/Spider-girl
  4. Meggan
  5. Layla Miller

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Mayday Parade
Monsters In The Closet


When all I remember is that talking is cheap 
and your lies were expensive
and God only knows when I’ll come to my senses


      Girl, you know there are never
      No, that’s not why I’m here.
      I need you to be one of my bridesmaids.

    Oh, I know.
I so know.
      { A pause. A sly smile spread across her face as she opened her arms wide for a hug, squealing girlishly before doing so }
                 Of course, of course!
was wondering when you were going to ask!
{ She teased gently  }

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    It’s mah fault too —
 Sorry. Ah can’t say Ah was lookin’ where Ah was goin’ either. Ah’m fine, you?

                It’s alright, Rogue. I’m fine, if anything slightly shaken but that’s probably last night show catching up on me. I’m practically half asleep.

  { She gave a light laugh, smoothing down her hair }

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